Don’t Eat at Olive Garden!

I never thought I’d say this, but I’ll never eat at the Olive Garden again. And I urge my friends in cyberspace to avoid it as well. Not because their food is mediocre. Not because they apparently treat their employees very badly. But because they caved in to the Far Right and pulled their ads from David Letterman’s show. They have every right to make that choice … just as I have the right not to eat at their restaurants. I feel sorry for the people who work there and don’t make the PR decisions, but the only way these companies will learn about free speech is to get hit where it hurts — on the bottom line. For those in the Rancho Mirage area, if you feel like doing Italian, try Risorante Donetella, Massimo’s, Alberto’s, Johnny Pasta, or my absolute favorite, Amici’s.

One thought on “Don’t Eat at Olive Garden!

  1. Sarah Palin all but called Barack Obama a terrorist during the 2008 campiagn, yet at the same time it was OK that husband Todd had belonged to an Alaskian Secessionist Party!

    WTF? Even after Letterman TWICE apologized, Oliver Garden is stills pulling their ads?

    Why does corporate America only fear the purchasing power of rightwing nut jobs? I am so SICK of Democrats having to apologize for EVERYTHING, while Republicans NEVER have to apologize for anything!

    Screw Olive Garden! Let’s show them that the RIGHTWINGERS are not the only ones who can hurt their business! ALL DEMOCRATS, LIBERALS, AND ANYONE WITH A SENSE OF HUMOUR SHOULD BOYCOTT THEM STARTING TODAY!

    Chuck S.

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