Franky Fly’s Away From Home

A Short Book About a Long Life

by Waverly Huff

Chapter 6: Franky Fly Dreams as The Man With the Evil Grin Schemes

Franky Fly was dreaming. He was inside the biggest garbage can he had ever seen. Buzzing around him were his 72 brothers and sisters. They were flying in formation, spelling out first one word, then another, then another.

Massachusetts. North Carolina. New Hampshire.

Franky recognized them as some of the shapes he saw on the Map of the United States of America.

Michigan. Louisiana. Connecticut.

After they spelled out a word, a few of his brothers and sisters would fly off. Then they’d spell out another word and more would take off into the blue sky. This kept up for a while.

With fewer flies, the words got smaller.

Hawaii. Georgia. Kentucky.

Franky Fly felt like someone was staring at him. He looked around but all he saw was his ever-diminishing family … and they were too busy spelling out the words to notice him.

Idaho. Ohio. Iowa.

By now the feeling that he was being watched was really getting to Franky Fly. He tried to take off … but couldn’t. It was like his legs were stuck to whatever he was standing on inside the biggest garbage can he had ever seen.

He was puzzled and not just a little afraid. Then he felt a soft breeze. Then a stronger breeze.

Franky Fly woke up. He was still in the large man’s hair hat. He heard someone snoring. It was the large man, asleep in a chair inside the airplane.

There was that breeze again, even more forceful this time. He looked around and saw a man sitting in the seat behind him. The man was puckering his lips and blowing on him. Humans were so strange.

Then he saw the rolled up newspaper in the man’s hand. Franky Fly had a bad feeling about this.

“He wants me to fly off so he can swat me,” Franky Fly thought.

He was right. The man had what could only be described as an evil grin on his face. The man blew on him even harder.

A plan formed in Franky Fly’s mind. He smiled and took off into the air. The man with the evil grin followed him with his eyes, moving the rolled up newspaper closer. Franky Fly landed upside down on a shelf over the large man with the hair hat.

The man with the evil grin swung the newspaper up. Splat! Franky Fly flew quickly out of the way. The man’s grin went from evil to downright wicked.

Franky Fly then flew in circles right above the large man’s hair hat.

The man with the downright wicked grin could hold his wickedness no longer. He swung the newspaper down hard … missing Franky Fly but hitting the large man right on top of the head.

The large man woke up just as his hair hat flew off his head and into the lap of the older woman sitting next to him. The older woman, thinking the hair hat was some kind of animal, screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Arghhh,” shrieked the older woman.

“Arghhh,” shrieked the large man.

“Oh, oh,” the man with the downright wicked grin whispered under his breath.

If you can say one thing about Franky Fly, it’s that he knew when to leave. He proved that in the garbage can with his 72 brothers and sisters. And he proved it again in the airplane. Franky Fly flew down the aisle and landed at the top of a dark blue curtain.

The curtain moved as two pretty ladies in uniforms, hearing the shrieking, left a small room and walked quickly yet professionally down the aisle toward the commotion.

Franky Fly looked down inside the small, now empty room and saw a circular opening on the counter. It was sort of dark inside the opening but the smell of a half-eaten cheeseburger gave him courage. He floated past the circular opening into the dark place.

Once inside the dark place, he saw the bit of cheeseburger sitting on top of a wrinkled piece of paper. On the top of the page were the words “A Visitor’s Guide to New York City.” Franky Fly was very happy. He loved reading while he ate.

(To be continued)

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