It Was 40 Years Ago Today


On this day, a mere 40 years ago, Patricia Joan Blizman wed Thomas Joseph Greensmith. And, yes, the final song at the reception was a Beatles song: Hey, Jude.

The union was blessed with one daughter — Jennifer Alaina Greensmith — and one son — Brian Thomas Greensmith.

Pat was a beautiful bride. She still is. (Have her tell you the green tie story!)

6 thoughts on “It Was 40 Years Ago Today

  1. Oh, how our moms had a cow over him wearing that green tie! I had NO idea why either then or now!! How impossibly young we looked and were…

  2. Jen – Awwwwwww! Too bad I wasn’t there to celebrate that one. Nope, no bastard-hood for me. Happy Anniversary!!! xxoo

    Emma – Who is that in the picture? (Mommy – That’s Nana and Papa a LONG LONG time ago) Well, they look different.

    Zoey – (Mommy – Who is that in the photo?) I don’t know. (Mommy – It’s Nana and Papa). Oh….they don’t look so good. Why do they look like that?

  3. 40 years ago…..You guys looked great….and this is before you were loading up on those Shaklee “smoothies”!

  4. Yes, it was a fun time, even with the smoothies. You may be interested to know, Bob, that I still have one Shaklee product in my bathroom cabinet. Remember Velva Dew? Classic! I think I got my best joke out of that. I don’t remember the circumstances but the joke goes like this: The answer — Velva Dew. The question — What is the moisture that develops on your Velva when you leave it outside overnight. Still makes me chuckle. Tom

  5. Definitely a “chuckle+”,remember it well…….Unfortunately,I am fresh out of Velva Dew…….But, still have plenty of the always popular,”My Dorothy” perfume.

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