Franky Fly’s Away From Home

A Short Book About a Long Life

by Waverly Huff

Chapter 5: Wisdom of the Dragonflies

“Eat you,” they chuckled in unison? “That’s the most disgusting thing we ever heard.”

“We eat graham crackers, blueberries and Yogurt Burst Cheerios,” said Dorothea or Desdemona.

“And ice cream, marshmallows and pizza-flavored Pringles ,” added Desdemona or Dorothea. “We don’t eat flies. Flies are gross … no offense.”

“None taken,” Franky Fly replied. “So you want to know how to get out of here.”

“You bet we do,” said Desdemona or Dorothea. “We’re agoraphobic. We have panic attacks in settings from which there is no easy means of escape.”

“It was very windy and a strong breeze just blew us in here. We’ve been looking all over for another open door but so far, no luck.” Said Dorothea or Desdemona.

“Tell you what,” Franky said, after thinking for a moment. “I’ll tell you how to get out if you tell me exactly what this place and the giant something-or-others are.”

Desdemona or Dorothea looked at Dorothea or Desdemona before nodding anxiously. “This, my dear, is called an airport,” she proclaimed. “The giant something-or-others are airplanes. They carry humans from one place to another. They land here at the airport. Humans get out of the airplanes. Different humans get in. Then the airplanes take off again.”

“Where do they go,” asked Franky Fly?

“No idea,” she answered. “Now … how do we get out of here. We’re late for a Dragonfly family reunion. I can’t wait to see my sisters Dagmar, Dakota and Dolores and my brothers Deshawn, Dolph, Deepak and …”

Interrupting while he had the chance, Franky Fly pointed at the automatic door he had entered through. “That door opens and closes with a big whoosh,” he said. “But only humans can make it go whoosh. So you have to wait until a human approaches it, then fly out very, very quickly.”

“I see the door,” Desdemona or Dorothea said excitedly. “Let’s go, sister!”

“Goodbye and good luck,” they shouted as they took off and flew toward the automatic door that he had pointed out.

“And good luck to you, too,” Franky Fly shouted. He let out a big sigh as he looked around the airport.

Lots of humans were scurrying around this way and that, most in a big hurry. All kinds of food smells drifted up to Franky Fly … but he was too excited to be hungry.

Some movement on a very, very big board right across from him caught his eye. Bright little lights were forming words … some of which Franky Fly remembered from the Map of the United States of America he had seen earlier.

He let out a little gasp of excitement. “This big board tells the humans all the places where the airplanes go,” he thought. “Perhaps if I sneak inside an airplane, it will take me to one of those places. But how do I sneak inside?”

Just then, Franky Fly spotted the large man with the hair hat. He wasn’t dragging the boxes around anymore but still didn’t seem very happy. He had a paper envelope in his hand and was huffing and puffing and sweating his way toward a pretty lady in a uniform who was looking at other people’s paper envelopes.

“This is my chance,” thought Franky Fly as he lifted off from the beam and flew toward the large man’s hair hat. He dropped down and landed on the hair hat right as the large man gave the paper envelope to the pretty lady.

“I know he can’t feel me,” Franky Fly remembered. “So I’ll just hide in his hair hat and take a little nap. It’s been a very busy day and I’m very tired.”

Franky Fly closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep as the large man walked through a door and down a long corridor.

Over the door a very small version of the very, very big board he had seen earlier spelled out a word in very bright lights: New York City.

(To be continued)

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