A Note from Brian Greensmith, My Ironman Son

Well, I am off for Ironman Canada. During this year long journey I have been asked frequently what it takes to prepare for the 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile hilly bike, and a 26.2 mile run, so here is what it ended up taking:

– First and foremost, it takes a very patient girlfriend
– It takes missing out on hanging out with your friends from time to time (dreading that long bike or run you have the next morning)
– It takes a lot of hard work. Since I signed up for the Ironman in August 2010, I have swam 94,401 yards (58.67 miles), biked 1886.1 miles (about the distance from Boston to Santa Fe, NM), and run 717.9 miles (about the distance from Boston to Charlotte, NC)
– It takes a flexible training plan. Even with all this training, I traveled frequently enough to manage to achieve US Airways Silver Preferred by April. Just didn’t want you to think all I did was train!
– It takes a lot of calories. Since I signed up I have lost over 22 lbs (I am now 173lbs) and all without dieting. In fact I often felt like I could not eat enough as, during my peak training, I was burning roughly 7000 calories per weekend.
– It takes getting prepared for any situation. I have swam in the heat, in the pouring rain, and fog so thick that I can’t tell where I am headed. I have biked in the near 100F heat as well when a 40F day and even an 80 mile ride where it rained start-to-finish. I have run in the snow (Hyannis Marathon in Feb 2011), run in the near 100F heat, and run through such pouring rain that the minuteman path had puddles that went halfway up my calves (no exaggeration). I guess I feel mentally ready for whatever happens.

In case you are interested (or bored) come this Sunday (August 28th) @ 10am EDT (race starts at 7am PDT), the steps to follow us online:

1. Go to http://www.ironmanlive.com/
2. Find “Ironman Canada” under the “LIVE NOW” banner, click on it
3. It should open a new page that shows a few tabs on the top, one of which is “Tracking”, click on that
4. Enter our BIB #s to find us (Brian Greensmith, BIB #: 660; Mark Huber, BIB # 730)

It’s gonna be a long day,


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