David Letterman Top Ten Win #1

First #10 … then #6 … and #5 … now #1. I can retire.


10.  Slam dunks his donuts (Rollin B., Fresno, CA)

9.  He can spell Coach K’s last name correctly (John C., Cincinnati, OH)

8.  Dr. Drew upgraded his condition to Jimmermania (Shello O., Orem, UT)

7.  Willing to admit he attended Wofford (Lewis S., Joplin, MO)

6.  So compulsive, even bets on the NAACP (Joe F., Scottsdale, AZ)

5.  He cuts his picks into his and your lawn (Jacob S., Colliers, WV)

4.  Does yard work in finely pressed Oxford shirt — wait, that’s starch madness (Donald C., Durham, NC)

3.  He’s seeing a bracketologist three times a week (Gary L., Hauppauge, NY)

2.  Refers to sex with the wife as “buzzer beater” (Gavin B., Arlington, VA)

1.  Your neighbor is Charlie Sheen (also works for April Madness, May Madness, June Madness …) (Tom G., Rancho Mirage, CA)

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