The Fluorouracil Update

After a week of applying Fluorouracil twice a day, my face is getting red and blotchy.

I found this explanation of how it works and what it does on WebMD:

Fluorouracil (5-FU) is an anticancer medication that works by slowing or stopping cell growth. The medication interferes with the ability of abnormal cells to grow on the skin’s top layer.

5-FU is usually applied once or twice daily for several weeks. It works by causing a painful irritation in actinic keratosis or a skin cancer. Successful treatment results in the specific areas of diseased skin becoming inflamed and crusting as the abnormal cells die.

Crusting, huh? Like the road signs say: “Temporary Inconvenience / Permanent Improvement.”

Next weekend, Jon is taking me to LegoLand for my Christmas present. Anyone know where I can rent a Burqa?

Here’s a photo of me taken a couple of weeks ago:


And here’s what WebMD says I’ll look like the last day of treatment:


Looking good for the holidays!

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