Free Kindle Reader for PC Available Now

Now everyone with a PC can read “Franky Fly’s Away From Home” and thousands of other Kindle books. Just navigate to the Kindle web site and download the free Kindle Reader. It will let you shop in the Kindle Store and buy my book for only $.99. Such a deal!

2 thoughts on “Free Kindle Reader for PC Available Now

  1. I have just recently started my blog and am really enjoying leaving comments on my favorite blogs 😉 Bookmark for sure.

  2. I had my kindleDX delivered last week. And just wanted to say I am pleased as a punch :). I did some research on bing and also asked my collegues for feedback. Finally bought it from Kindle Store. They had a discount coupon and I got $25 off. I am so happy with it after having downloaded ebooks from Amazon – all of them were free! I just love it!

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