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Those trying hard to become a celebrity (instead of having genuine talent and becoming a celebrity because of it) have no place on your site. Jon and Kate and Balloon Boy and Speidi and the Kardashians are not newsworthy. All they want is fame and you are giving it to them. Please respect the second letter of your name. You are the Cable News Network. Please cover real news … important news. You are turning into People Magazine. And it’s not a good thing.

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4 thoughts on “To CNN

  1. Most recent cable viewership ratings had CNN a “distant”#4 behind Fox News, MSNBC & Headline News…..maybe you are on to something….

  2. I think that’s why they’re desperate and appealing to the lowest common denominator. Friends use to laugh when I told them ten years ago I got my news from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart … because they weren’t afraid to point out that the emperor had no clothes. Even today they don’t tell you what the news is as much as they tell you what the news isn’t. And in the process you can figure it out for yourself.

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