Franky Fly’s Away From Home

A Short Book About a Long Life

by Waverly Huff

Chapter 9: That’s What Friends Are For

Franky Fly didn’t think he was dreaming. But he was hearing voices. Lots of voices. Some were strangely familiar.

“I think we should wake him up,” said a high, squeaky voice.

“So do I,” added another high, squeaky voice.

“Let him sleep,” countered a deep, resonant voice. “He’s been very, very busy.”

“Busy as a bee,” someone said. The others laughed.

Franky Fly opened his eyes and looked around. “My goodness.”

There, standing around him, were all the friends he made during his travels.

Dorothea and Desdemona Dragonfly were there. Or was it Desdemona and Dorothea?

Beauregard Butterfly was standing between Willie Wasp and Timothy Termite. CiCi Cicada was singing Amazing Grace as Montague Mantis knelt next to her, praying as usual. Benny Beetle and Barry Beetle were there. And so was Gladys Grasshopper.

All of them were smiling at him. And all of them were carrying tiny little backpacks.

“But how did you find me,” asked Franky Fly?

“Oh, Franky Fly,” said Willie. “You’re famous in the insect world.”

“Everybody knows about you and your travels across the United States of America,” added Gladys.

“There’s even a song about you, Franky Fly,” said Beauregard.

“And it’s not Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me,” cracked José. The others laughed, with Franky Fly laughing the loudest.

Benny and Barry pushed CiCi to the front of the group. “Sing it for him, CiCi,” they pleaded!

“It’s called Franky Fly’s Away From Home,” said CiCi, clearing her throat.

She sang.

Travel, travel, little fly

As you journey in the sky

Why one place you’d want to stay

When you can see the USA

North and South and East and West

You must journey from your nest

To be happy, you must roam

Franky Fly’s away from home

Benny Beetle and Barry Beetle added their voices, singing harmony for the next verse.

Some are happy standing still

You had daydreams to fulfill

I’ll be with you till the end

Franky Fly, you’ve got a friend

And everyone joined in for the final chorus.

North and South and East and West

You must journey from your nest

To be happy, you must roam

Franky Fly’s away from home

When the song ended, everyone was quiet; especially Franky Fly.

8 thoughts on “Franky Fly’s Away From Home

  1. One more chapter. Here it is, hidden away in the Comment section. I’ll put it up in Posts in a while. This is just for you!

    Chapter 10: Happily Ever After
    Franky Fly thought about his Mother and Father and his 72 brothers and sisters back in Florida. He missed them. A lot. At the same time, he wouldn’t have changed the past few weeks one bit. Tears formed in his eyes as he looked around at his new friends.
    “Thank you one and all,” said Franky Fly smiling a little fly smile. “You know that a fly’s lifespan is around 21 days.”
    “We know,” replied Timothy, chewing on a wood splinter.
    “And you know this is my 20th day,” Franky Fly added.
    “We know,” said Gladys.
    Nobody said anything for a while.
    “So, what’s next, Franky Fly,” asked Beauregard, breaking the silence?
    “I was thinking about San Francisco,” said Franky Fly. “I hear it’s beautiful there this time of year. There’s Golden Gate Park and Fishermen’s Wharf and the Embarcadero and Alcatraz.”
    “And then,” wondered CiCi?
    “Anchorage and Honolulu would be interesting stops,” Franky replied. “And what about all of you? What are your plans?”
    “Why do you think we all brought our tiny little backpacks, Franky Fly,” laughed José.
    “We’re going with you,” added Dorothea or Desdemona.
    Franky Fly sat quietly on the tree branch. He was silent for a long time.
    “What are you thinking about, Franky Fly,” asked Willie?
    “I’m thinking about how lucky I am,” said Franky Fly.
    “As are we, Franky Fly,” answered Benny and Barry. “As are we.”
    With that, Franky Fly and friends picked up their tiny little backpacks and were off … following their dreams.

  2. I started reading the first chapter to them last year. They got bored within the first paragraph. That’s when I realized it was more for the 8-12 crowd. And I don’t think Franky can have another adventure because he sort of dies a day after the book ends. Maybe a spin-off featuring Dorothea and Desdemona. Of course I’ll have to bone up on whatever it is they are. I forget.

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