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President Trump Had a Busy Month

In the last four weeks, President Drumpf (the CEO President who, according to President Drumpf, knows more about business than anybody else):
Fires Reince Priebus
Hires John Kelly
Hires “The Mooch”
Fires “The Mooch”
Hires fourth communications director
Publicly shames AG Sessions
“Repeal and replace” fails
Shames Republicans who voted against it
Tweets transgender military ban
Gets political in Boy Scout speech
Makes up Boy Scout leader call
Makes up Mexican President call
Thanks Putin for expelling Americans
Begrudgingly signs Russia sanctions, then blasts Congress for it
Condemns, then endorses anonymous White House leaks
Encourages cops to rough up suspects
Publicly shames Mitch McConnell
Embraces unpassable immigration plan
Threatens North Korea with nukes
Tells Guam it’ll help tourism
Bannon says no military option
Threatens Venezuela
Blames “both sides” in Charlottesville
Denounces white supremacists
Back to blaming both sides
Says “fine people” at Nazi rally
Shames CEOs who ditch business councils
Two business councils disband
Retweets right-wing conspiracy theorist
Considers Sheriff Arpaio pardon
Promotes his Charlottesville winery
Pushes myth during terror attack
Receives condemnations from:
The last two Republican Presidents
World leaders
His own staff
And the Pope.
(Thanks to CNN for compiling the list. Good job, Real News!)

Why Drumpf?

A while ago, Donald Trump trashed Jon Stewart for changing his name from Jonathan Leibowitz so it wouldn’t sound so Jewish.
John Oliver, an old friend of Stewart’s, did some digging and discovered that a while ago, Donald Trump’s ancestors changed their name from Drumpf to Trump so it wouldn’t sound so … well, you get the picture.