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Frodo Baggins Blue 2004-2016


It is with much sadness that Jon and I tell you of the passing of our sweet, sweet Frodo.

He’s been blind for a while and recently has shown signs of dementia. He stopped eating on Thursday morning and was listless for the rest of the day. When he was the same on Friday morning, we brought him to the vet. They did blood work and glucose testing and an abdominal X-Ray. They sent us to a vet clinic in Indio, where Frodo spent the night with an IV drip and the correct insulin to stabilize him. He started having diarrhea. No change on Saturday.

We went to visit him this morning and the vet said she thought it was pancreatitis and suggested an ultrasound scan. Instead of waiting until Tuesday for their technician, we drove to Ontario and had an ultrasound there. Frodo sat in the back with me while Jon drove. He was obviously in pain; he kept shifting position and didn’t react to our petting and talking.

The results of the ultrasound were not good. Frodo’s stomach was full of fluid and a blockage of some type was not letting the fluid pass through to the intestines. The vet said one option was to return to the hospital in Indio and start a treatment of draining his stomach through a tube down his nose. Once the fluid was drained and whatever was causing the blockage was identified, we could plan additional treatment, including a possible operation to clear the blockage. We decided on the other option to save Frodo from even more days of pain with no promise of success.

The vet placed Frodo on a sofa with his head on Jon’s lap — one of his favorite positions. We started to pet him and tell him how loved he was by so many people. He went to sleep very peacefully.

It was a long and sad ride back home. The first thing was saw when we opened the door was Frodo’s bunny. We’ll give away Frodo’s toys and food and stuff, but Mister Bunny will always be in our home to remind us of the pup we loved.