Monthly Archives: September 2011

Money-Making Idea #1

So I’m trying to figure out a way to make some money and, being a creative soul but not a particularly practical one, I decided to let you, my loyal reader, tell me which idea is the best. Here’s the first one:

I Won’t Write a Song About You for A Dollar

This one very doable. The premise couldn’t be simpler — if you send me one dollar, I won’t write a song about you.

Here are titles of some of my most recently-published songs:

“Nobody Likes You, Bill (Franklin of West Orange, New Jersey)”

“You’ve Got Fat Thighs, Karen (Oxnard of Williamsburg, Oregon), and No Sense of Style”

“Bob (Langford of Dallas, Texas) is a Good Man But a Lousy Tipper”

Is this a good money-making idea? Comments are appreciated.