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Franky Fly’s Away From Home

A Short Book About a Long Life

by Waverly Huff

Chapter 3: Franky Flies Away From Home

The midday sun filled the garbage can with warmth as Franky Fly’s brothers and sisters relaxed, their stomachs full of human leftovers. They were so sleepy and sluggish that when Franky Fly landed on the edge and called out to them, only Fritzi heard him.

Fritzi called out to her brothers and sisters to get their attention. “Wake up, Fulbright, Frasier, Francois and Fuller! And you, too, Fran, Flint and Fleur! And Floyd and …”

“Stop, Fritzi,” Franky Fly said hurriedly. “We only live for 21 days and it will take you at least a day to go through the list.”

Franky Fly cleared his throat, raised his voice as much as he could and addressed his family.

“I, Franky Fly, have ventured past the garbage can and discovered a wide and wonderful world that we can all explore.”

“Oh yeah,” said Fonda. “Well, I’ve discovered more food in this very can than I could ever eat. I don’t know about you, brothers and sisters, but I’m not venturing anywhere.”

“Out there are wonderful adventures,” said Franky Fly.

“In here is food,” answered Fonda.

“Out there are unlimited possibilities,” said Franky Fly.

“In here is safety,” answered Fonda.

“O-o-out there are fly swatters,” said Fenecia.”

“And Raid,” added Felipe.

“And the Venus Fly Trap,” whispered Fyllis . “I’m very, very afraid.”

“Doesn’t anyone want to come with me and see what the world has to offer,” asked Franky Fly?

There was a long pause, then 72 voices spoke up in unison: “No!”

Franky Fly sighed. “I understand,” he said. “The unknown can be scary. But I don’t want to live in fear.”

“N-n-not even from fly swatters,” asked Fenecia?

“Or Raid,” asked Felipe?

“Or the Venus Fly Trap,” whispered Fyllis . “I’m more afraid now than I was just a moment ago.”

“I know you are, Fyllis ,” shrugged Franky Fly. And while you can live like that, I can’t.”

With a small but heavy heart, Franky Fly filled his little tiny backpack. He didn’t want to catch cold so he packed a sweater, a scarf, and six socks for his six feet.

Franky Fly was just about to close the little tiny backpack when Forbes Fly walked up to him and cleared his throat to get his attention.

“I found this piece of pickle,” Forbes said quietly. “I saved it for you, Franky Fly.”

With tears forming in his eyes, Franky Fly took the piece of pickle and placed it tenderly in his tiny little backpack.

“Thank you, Forbes,” Franky said, his voice choking with emotion.

“Where will you go first,” asked Francesca?

“It’s a big land and I’m just a small fly,” replied Franky Fly. “On my way back here I saw a giant silver something-or-other flying way, way up in the air. It seemed to be landing close to here.”

“Was it a butterfly,” Fraley wondered?

“Bigger.” Answered Franky Fly. “A lot bigger. And it looked silver and shiny.”

“Maybe it eats flies like a Venus Fly Trap,” whispered Fyllis . “I’ll add it to the list of things I’m very, very afraid of.”

Franky Fly was about to say his last farewell when Franklin uncovered a discarded lollipop and Franky Fly’s 72 brothers and sisters turned their backs on him and buzzed around it, hoping for a taste.

“Goodbye, family,” Franky Fly said softly, waving three of his six feet. He picked up his tiny little backpack and, without looking back, flew off the edge of the garbage can, toward where the giant silver something-or-other had landed.

His adventure had begun.

(To be continued)