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Marge Mazar, Meet the Internet … Internet, Meet Marge Mazar

Marge's daughter Laurie, Marge, Marge's nephew Brian, and Brian's girlfriend Nissy
Marge's daughter Laurie, Marge, Marge's nephew Brian (my son), and Brian's girlfriend Nissy

My sister Marge called today to chat. She’s a sweet woman but she thinks the world wide web was built by spiders. She thinks “yahoo” is something you say when you find a quarter on the sidewalk. She thinks spam is meat in a can. She’s the one person on earth that I’m absolutely certain has never Googled herself. (No, Marge, it’s not dirty. Ask Laurie what it means!)

Anyway, I mentioned that I was finally doing something with and she promised she’d look at it when she went over to Laurie and David’s house for dinner tomorrow. I told her I would put her on my blog. (No, Marge, it’s not dirty. Ask Laurie what it means!)

So, here you are, Marge … ready to be Googled by anybody in the world.


Tom (your brother)

Older Than Dirt

On Sunday, February 1, I officially become a senior citizen. That’s when Medicare kicks in. The good news is that it will save me big bucks on health insurance … enough to more than make up for the new system I have to learn. I don’t actually turn 65 until mid-month, so I have a couple weeks to get used to the concept. Considering the alternative, it’s wonderful.

Life is good.

Being Analog in a Digital World

Yesterday I spent most of the day playing with this site. My eyes, I was told, were bloodshot at bedtime. This is, alas, what happens when you stare at a screen for so long. Or, in my case, two 22-inch widescreen monitors placed side to side. I watched “how-to-do-it videos” on web design and read the online manuals. It reminded me of when I got my first PC back in 1981, turned it on and stared for minutes at the C> prompt before I figured I better unwrap the h-u-g-e manual that came with the computer.

Yes, I’ve had some challenges. Like the inability to upload or insert photographs. But that will get figured out in time. I’m told a picture is worth a thousand words. This post has 141 words so I haven’t even earned one picture. But I will push on.